Saturday, April 20, 2013

Trivia Gibs #3

The world's heaviest statue is the American Statue of Liberty. It's solid copper and weighs more than 200 metric tonnes.

One thing that the Biblical books "Esther" and "Song of Solomon" have in common: neither of them contain the word "God".

Ronald McDonald was not the first mascot for the McDonald's restaurant chain. That title belongs to "Speedee", a chef character conceived to play up the "fast food" aspect of the hamburger chain, then still a novelty.

Despite his lifelong achievements, 62 albums, and enduring popularity, Frank Zappa's only Top-40 charting hit was 1982's "Valley Girl". To add insult to injury, the following year a film was released by the same title to capitalize on the popularity of the song but without containing Zappa's song in the soundtrack; Zappa sued for infringement and lost.

The Swingline stapler company did not originally make a red model. Consumer demand, following the 1999 film "Office Space", caused them to start manufacturing one. The prop in the film was simply a standard black stapler painted red.

Albert Einstein was born on "Pi Day" (March 14th).

The United States' first Saab dealership, in Cape Cod, was managed by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. - yes, the famous author, before he made it big!

Ray Chapman (1891-1920), shortstop for the Cleaveland Indians, was the only Major League Baseball player to have died from being hit by a pitch.

Less time passed between the death of Cleopatra (30 BC) and the first moon landing (1969 AD) than passed between the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza (2560 BC) and the birth of Cleopatra (69 BC) - by almost half a millennium!