Friday, April 12, 2013

For a morbid (but educational) time, read OSHA's published workplace fatalities report

OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) publishes weekly industrial accident reports on their site. A handful of some mind--blowing fatalities:
  • "Employee crushed and killed by conveyor belt rollers undergoing maintenance."
  • "Worker was killed when nail from a nail gun struck him in the eye."
  • "Employee died after an explosion occurred while he was checking levels on a 400 barrel brine water holding tank."
  • "Worker died after being caught in a stamping machine."
  • "Worker was crushed to death when the trash compactor he was repairing was energized."
  • "Worker died after being hit by several cars while handing out flyers."
  • "Worker died after collapsing on the ground with seizures while working in a tobacco field with a heat index of 108 degrees."
  • "Worker died after falling eight feet when the core drilling machine he was using hit rebar."
  • "Worker died from exposure to hydrogen sulfide after stepping into 5-foot-deep hole containing oil slush."
  • "Employee died from head injuries after a concrete block fell from a ceiling being repaired."
And those are just from this year!

And since you're here, here's some gruesome (but effective) workplace safety PSAs around YouTube:

There, now you'll NEVER go to work again! Happy Friday!