Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Poly couple's story turns into lurid nightmare of horrifying torture.

I don't usually post stuff of this nature here, but this is an exception just for the bizarre psychology of all three participants.

It begins with a husband and wife, whose marriage deteriorates and she takes on a lover. However, the story takes a bizarre twist when the lover moves in with the couple and they just go on like that. Then the wife and her lover lock the husband in a closet and keep him there for months, inflicting gruesome and horrifying abuse on him, including beatings, burnings, and slashing him with razor blades. The husband meekly accepts all this without trying to escape and even defends his tormenters when the police rescue him.

You heard it from me. Now here's the original story at the Toronto Star, but it's much more graphic and gruesome - reader discretion advised.

Three pretty messed-up people, in their own twisted little world.