Monday, January 14, 2013

Trivia Gibs #2

The song "Hound Dog", written by Leiber & Stoller and popularized by Elvis Presley, wasn't originally done by Elvis. It was a cover of the version done by earlier blues singer "Big Mama" Thornton, for whom Leiber & Stoller wrote the song first.

Which US states have a one-syllable name? There's only one: Maine.

Out of all the world's animals classified as mammals, one in five is a bat.

The strongest muscle in the human body isn't in the arm or leg. It's the masseter, located in the jaw.

The only time a month can both begin and end on the same day of the week is February during a leap year.

The world's most popular transportation company doesn't run an airline, a train, or a fleet of cruise ships. It's the Otis Elevator Company, whose products transport more people than any other transportation fleet.

The US state with the longest coastline is neither Florida nor California, but Alaska. All those nooks and crannies really add up!

The 1970s TV sitcom "Good Times" was the show which debuted Jay Leno, in a guest star role which was the first time the subject of STDs was brought up on a prime time TV show.

Play-Doh, the kid's modeling toy, was based on a formula originally intended as a substance that cleans wallpaper.