Friday, December 30, 2011

Samoa plays jump-rope with International date line

And I wasn't even going to post today...

But couldn't resist the story of how today just isn't going to happen for a few pieces of real estate in the South Pacific. As reported in the Huffy-Poo, Samoa and its little cousin Tokelau, will now be considered part of the same time zone as New Zealand and parts of Australia. This happened at midnight, so Samoans literally skipped a day ahead in their calendars.

They did this to be aligned more with the rest of Oceania, rather than with the United States. This also means that the New Year will hit Samoa first instead of last.

This may sound like momentous news, and it sort of is, but in fact the International date line, as you can see in the image, is a crazy twisted zigzag running through the freckled islands of the Pacific. This isn't the first time it's moved.

"...the Samoan government passed a law to move Samoa west of the international date line..."

I just wish they'd not phrase it that way. The date line moved; they didn't pick the whole island up and shift it west...