Thursday, December 29, 2011

Alejandro Jodorowsky Leads A "March of the Skulls"

You know just from looking at this blog that Jodorowsky would be brought up here eventually. Apparently last November, he led a "March of the Skulls" in Mexico, as a kind of spiritual healing from all of the drug-gang violence they've had down there.

I confess that all I thought Jodorowsky had done was direct surreal cult films. No, no, far from it! His Wikipedia profile lists him as having worked as a mime, founding a French collective of performance artists (one show is described as "included a staged murder of a rabbi, a crucified chicken, a giant vagina giving birth to Jodorowsky, naked women covered in honey and the throwing of live turtles into the audience." Sounds like my kind of party), writing science fiction comic books, written other books, delivered lectures, and has created his own kind-of sort-of religion based on wacky New Age stuff.

Whew! One busy guy!

Anyway, I'll certainly be paying more attention to Jodorowsky in blog posts to come. Apparently I could have made this whole blog about him.