Monday, December 3, 2012

"That would make a good name for a band!"

In the kind of mad-scientist script-tinkering that's after my own heart (and usually the kind of subject I post on my other blog), MIT student Brian Whitman fed some 6500 band names through a grammar parser, then used it on a new word list to generate new believable band names. The results are striking and playfully fun at once. Some favorites:
  • "Trucking Cake"
  • "Reconstruction Dungeon"
  • "Blabbermouth"
  • "Pea Fetish Veterinarians"
  • "Hooker Hut"
  • "Eddy Mongoose"
  • "Scoundrel Tramp"
  • "Mussel Tulip"
  • "Probation"
  • "Dolly Flashers"
  • "Joystick Infidels"
  • "Dazzle Festival"
...not that I'd have time to read through all 10,000 of them. But at the least, I'll be ranking for some very weird Google searches now.

The Law of Indy Bands predicts that all of these names will eventually be used.

Related, I once wrote a script which generates fake album covers. Go ahead and get it, it's GPLed.