Sunday, April 15, 2012

There are wireheads in your future

I don't normally blog current Slashdot stories here (if you wanted those all the time, you could just go to Slashdot!), but I have to make an exception on a blog named "Mind--blown" when the story is about something that, well, can literally blow your mind.

Apparently Larry Niven nailed another one: They're now plugging electrodes into human brains to treat depression. And the results are encouraging - in fact, they're a little too encouraging...

"Several patients reported profound changes just minutes after the stimulator was turned on. One said the room suddenly seemed brighter and colors were more intense. Another described heightened feelings of connectedness and a disappearance of the void."

Doesn't that make you want one too? Imagine if it also makes you smarter, more concentrated, more creative, more productive...

Patients also report experiencing spontaneous happy thoughts, such as memories of playing with children or seeing flowers bloom in the spring. Yeah, it sounds like the perfect drug alright. With no side effects. Ladies and gentlemen, the next Microsoft, the next Google, will be the Deep Brain Stimulation Corporation, "putting a smile on your face with a wire in place!"