Monday, January 16, 2012

Surfer Woman Identifies As Mermaid, For No Apparent Reason

"Otherkin" is the name we have for people who identify with a fantastic or non-human identity. In this category, we have people who base their lives upon being Klingons, elves, fairies, werwolves, vampires, or "furries". Now, sometimes it's just for fun, and sometimes they take it seriously enough that they get offended if their role-playing alter ego is not treated respectfully.

But we have to admit, if you're a pro surfer, mermaid is the otherkin for you! Mischa Davis went far enough to make her own custom tail, which she claims also helps her swim underwater and helps her train to be a better surfer.

Here's an interview with her:

She's a Kiwi native, born in Auckland. She's been surfing since 1999, and so far her career highlight is winning the 2004 U16 Girls Rusty Gromfest.